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Brighten up your home with these beautiful candles in ceramic pots from Claet. Each piece is carefully manufactured in Portugal.


The Candles come in three different colours with three different scents.



Ceramic Candela Cara

€ 29,90Price
  • Material: Ceramic
    Height : 11.5 cm

    Diameter: 10.5 cm

    Mouth Diameter : 6.5 cm

    Weight: 1.0 kg

  • White Candle:

    Aroma: A floral aroma of white tea and jasmine with woody notes, enhanced with a hint of citrus for a pure and revitalizing fragrance.

    Yellow Candle:

    Aroma: Elegant and sophisticated perfume that starts with citrus and spicy notes. The scent of the perfume is reminiscent of fresh green tea leaves. The base of the perfume, with a distinct aroma of cedar wood, adds personality and elegance to the formula.

    Blush Pink Candle:

    A fruity blend and an infusion of floral notes on a woody base of creamy vanilla and warm violet.



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