The FINE BELLY tea mixture supports the body with digestion and ensures a flat stomach and a light, good stomach feeling. The tea drugs used have an anti-cramping and calming effect, as well as reducing gas and aiding digestion. FINE BELLY can therefore be drunk like a digestive after a meal.


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  • 80g loose tea mixture

  • Green Rooibos (South Africa) *

    Anise (Anisi fructus) *

    Chamomile flowers (Chamomillae flos) *

    Rose hip shells (Rosae pseudofructus) *

    Dandelion herb (Taraxaci herba) *

    Blueberries (Myrtilli fructus) *

    Fennel (Foeniculi fructus) *

    Spearmint leaves (Mentha crispae folium) *


    *from controlled organic cultivation