HONOR YOUR BODY, love it, respect it, ease it into recovery. 

MamaMatter's unscented organic oil blend will help to regenerate skin cells post-pregnancy and encourage healing on C-section incisions & beyond. Massage into hands, tummy, feet anywhere that could use some extra TLC. Comes in an easy-to-apply pump bottle.



Recovery Oil Spray

€ 32,00Price
  •  100% natural and organic ingredients containing vitamins and antioxidants  
    – Hand-poured, made with fresh ingredients in Vienna 
    – Fragrance-free 
    – Restorative recipe helps rebuild skin tissue 
    – Easily absorbed, feels more like a cream rather than an oil 
    – For pregnancy and afterwards 
    – Give your body endless love, because all that happens during pregnancy, labor, and birth is an outstanding performance. Have patience while your body heals and invest in your wellbeing