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The handmade smudge bombitas from SagradaMadre are ideal to clean the air in your home. 

They come in a pack of 8 pieces and bring a natural smell to your home. Available in different scents.

Smudge Bomb Premium - Pack of 8x

€ 9,90Price
    • Olibanum for purification and lavender for relieving stress and anxiety.
    • Olibanum for purification and orange peel for calming the inner self.
    • Olibanum for purification and Sandalwood to relieve anxiety, nervous tension, exhaustion, and to create a peaceful environment.
    • Olibanum for purification and White Sage for its' healing mystical power, spiritual protection, atmospheric cleansing  and abundance.
    • Use for smudging. Olibanum for purification and Palo Santo to increase the feeling of calmness and well-being.

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