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Join us for some calming hours in our studio and get creative with us while making your very own dried flower wreath, some bracelets or a pressed flower letter. Twice a month we now also offer an afterwork escape with our dearest friend Iman who will guide you through a relaxing one hour yoga flow in our studio upstairs. 


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You want to host your own workshops and are looking for a suitable space? Our Workshop area fits 10 people on our big dining table. The Studio space is also suitable for hosting a Yoga/Pilates (etc.) Class with approximately 10 people.

Our studio upstairs also has a small pop-up location that can be rented daily, weekly and also monthly. Theres the possibility of you being at the pop-up personally and sell your own stuff or let the sales and handling go through us. 

If you're interested in renting our Space you can easily reach out to us via mail or fill out the contact form below.

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Thank you! We'll get back to you asap

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